Current and past projects ⚙️

Discover some projects I've been working on throughout the years.
Nov 15, 2021


Figkit is a wireframe library for Figma to communicate and design great user interfaces for desktop and mobile. It was created to help you:

Jun 17, 2020

Themes for Kirby

Themes for Kirby is a marketplace with Kirby themes. If you are new to Kirby, it's a CMS like WordPress but with a very minimal approach to design. There is no …

May 27, 2015

UI/UX Assets

UI/UX Assets is a marketplace with curated design assets, resources and tools for user interface and user experience designers. We work to create the highest …

Feb 21, 2019


I've been teaching UI/UX design to Bachelor and Master students at Ynov in Aix-en-Provence. The course focused on the design process and how to master design …

Feb 28, 2016


Metry is a company that helps people save energy. They have an easy way to connect customer data from hundreds of utility companies and millions of smart …

Oct 01, 2015


In 2015-16 I worked in the design lab as a UX designer at Barclays Bank in London, UK. Focusing on digital platforms, crafting new experiences and defining …

Jul 03, 2013


I worked as design lead for 2 years at ClicData. Our main focus was to create a new interface for a refreshed user experience of their cloud-based data and …

May 01, 2013


Strand is a musical instrument with an integrated digital audio workstation. It is designed to extend the life of improvisation and recording. Milled in one …

Jan 01, 2013


Our present methods of production, consumption and disposal are destroying our global life-support system. The search for alternatives, more eco-friendly …

Feb 01, 2012

EFG Gaia

A project initiated by EFG, leading manufacturer of office furnitures in northern Europe. Our mission was to design an innovative personal workspace according …

Jan 01, 2011

Other Work

A number of old projects. Note that these are highly summarized and do not include any deep explanation of the design process.